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HMO acts as an invisible riding companion that will spring into action as soon as is needed. HMO turns your Android smartphone into a dedicated response unit, so in case of having a road accident, medical atention can reach you faster.

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Know how it works

In less than a minute HMO will automatically:

  • Detect an accident
  • Locate the rider
  • Request help

Making of

After extensive field tests with twelve different types of bikes. A bunch of very experienced motorcyclists, and a former pro rider have all teamed up to help us create the app that puts motorcyclists' safety, as its top priority.

At its core, lies an algorithm that has the sole purpose of detecting an accident. Thanks to it, HMO can remain effective under the most challenging conditions.


Get more out of HMO by simply following a few tips:

  • Keep your handset closest to your upper body
  • Keep your handset as steady and safe as possible
  • Warm up your GPS by running a location test

Know your handset

Let’s not forget that for the most part we all heavily rely on our smartphones, and as such there a number of things you must know.

  • Type of incident: A direct impact to your handset can render it useless in a fraction of a second
  • Location: Poor coverage areas do exist so beware through such areas
  • Device: Poor hardware components do also exist so know your handset properly

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